Michael Eavis, 2014


Creator of the much-loved Glastonbury Festival.

David Munns OBE, Chairman of the MITS Award committee:

“We are delighted to honour Michael Eavis with the MITS Award for 2014. We honour him as the creator of the world renowned Glastonbury Festival, the largest greenfield festival in the world, attended by over 175,000 each year and raising millions of pounds for charities. Through his tireless dedication, Glastonbury has become an important landmark in the cultural life of this country, with its influence spreading well beyond these shores.”

“I can’t believe that 44 years of semi-controlled chaos has led to me receiving this prestigious award. Thank you all so much.”

Michael Eavis

“I want to congratulate Michael on the colossal amount he has achieved with Glastonbury and its legacy – keeping music alive with the most exciting festival in the world – long may it continue!”

Ellie Goulding